Our donors

Where possible, Source Trust seeks to match the premiums and project funds from our Partners and Sponsors with donor funding to increase their impact. Source Trust is pleased to work in partnership with our Donors.

Our donors

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World Cocoa Foundation Cocoa Livelihoods Program
The World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) is an international membership organization that promotes sustainability in the cocoa sector by providing cocoa farmers with the support they need to grow more quality cocoa and strengthen their communities. Representing more than 80 percent of the global cocoa market, WCF’s programs benefit farmers in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Americas.

The WCF Cocoa Livelihoods Program (WCF/CLP) is a ten-year program working to increase farm level productivity of cocoa and food crops of 200,000 smallholder, cocoa-growing households in West Africa. The program increases farmer income and strengthens cocoa communities through three main objectives: increased farm-level cocoa productivity to 1000 kg/ha; improved service delivery efficiency for long-term, farm-level cocoa productivity increase; and improved farmer resiliency with a focus on food crop productivity. CLP takes an industry-led approach, reaching rural farmers through dynamic partnerships with public and private actors while building institutional capacities for farmer outreach.

WCF CLP has been supporting the work of Source Trust through various programmes in Ghana and Nigeria since 2012

The Sustainable Trade Initiative – IDH
IDH accelerates and up-scales sustainable trade by building impact oriented coalitions of front running companies, civil society organizations, governments and other stakeholders that will deliver mainstream impact on the Sustainable Development Goals. In Ghana, IDH supports the programs of Ferrero and Lindt & Sprüngli. In Nigeria, IDH supports our program with Hershey since 2013.


Ford Foundation
The Ford Foundation is a globally oriented private foundation with the mission of advancing human welfare. In Indonesia, the Ford Foundation are supporting our work improving cocoa farming practices and the livelihoods of indigenous farmers in Indonesian Papau.


Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA)
The aim of Denmark’s development cooperation is to reduce poverty through the promotion of human rights and economic growth. It is focused on some of the poorest countries in the world, including Ghana where it has supported Toms’ aims and investments with Source Trust.

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