Our story

Source Trust is a not-for-profit organisation set up in 2009 in order to link chocolate makers and processors with the farmers in their supply chain.

Our history

Set up in 2009, the organisation existed as a simple solution for chocolate makers sourcing traceable cocoa from Ghana. It has grown into a global service provider, linking some of the biggest brands in the sector with thousands of communities, with the aim of transforming cocoa farmer livelihoods for a more transparent, responsible and sustainable cocoa sector.

Why was Source Trust established?

  • To help farmers improve their livelihoods
  • To pave the way for long-term sustainable cocoa production
  • To fill the gaps left by certification:
    • Provide farmer training
    • Provision of farm inputs and planting material
    • Deliver much needed community infrastructure

For a further insight in to what Source Trust have to offer...

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