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Since 2009, our Partner’s investments have made a real and lasting difference across 3 continents. Click on a country to take a closer look at the impact of our programmes.

Latin America

West Africa

South East Asia

Ghana (Multiple Projects)

Source Trust began in Ghana 7 years ago, working with just a few farmers on small impactful community projects. Today our programmes reach over 89,000 farmers and our partners investments continue to make a real and lasting difference to cocoa farming communities across Ghana.

What we’ve achieved so far :

  • Water initiatives In the last 15 years, estimated 427 million people gained access to improved drinking water in sub-Saharan Africa (WHO & Unicef) - 215,000 of those are a direct result of the 228 boreholes and hand-dug wells that Source Trust established with our partners investments.
  • Health initiatives With deaths from malaria falling by 42%, we’re proud to have distributed over 50,000 bed nets to cocoa farming communities
  • Education initiatives 52 Village Resource Centres have been installed which helps farmers and their communities overcome barriers to accessing information & training materials – these are also supporting around 14,000 members of the wider community, especially young people. Through other community investment projects 4 schools have been built or renovated.
  • Productivity initiatives We’ve distributed over 25,000 seedlings to our farmers ensuring the future of cocoa farming it fruitful.
  • We've also distributed 50,000 pieces of equipment for pesticide spreading including sprayers and safety equipment like gloves.
  • Through recent Partner investments we’ve setup 56 demonstration farms showing farmers hands-on how productivity and quality can be improved, they also help us to develop new innovative farming and teaching techniques.

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