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Since 2009, our Partner’s investments have made a real and lasting difference across 3 continents. Click on a country to take a closer look at the impact of our programmes.

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In 2012, Source Trust was amongst six organisations who founded the Peru Cocoa Alliance. In collaboration with local government and funding from USAID, the Alliance has committed to planting 28,000 hectares of cocoa over four years, while utilizing technologies and practices that ensure that farmers emerge with viable business opportunities.

What has been achieved so far:

  • 23,146 hectares have been converted from coca to cocoa
  • 6,065 hectares have been planted with hard wood trees to give shade to cocoa trees and encourage regeneration of forests and biodiversity
  • 16,258 families are partnering with the Alliance to improve their livelihoods and prospects for the future


Farmers receiving training
Farmers receiving training


Grafting techniques are used to improve cocoa quality
Grafting techniques are used to improve cocoa quality

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