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Source Trust is delighted to work in partnership with some of the world’s leading chocolate makers and cocoa processors, enabling them to realise their visions of sustainability and responsibility in the cocoa supply chain. Select a supporter to find out more.


Camille Bloch

Camille Bloch partnered with Source Trust in 2012 in order to directly invest in the farmers and communities in their global supply chain.

Founded in 1929 by Mr Camille Bloch, today the company is one of the last remaining family-owned chocolate producers in Switzerland. Daniel Bloch, the grandson of Camille, represents the third generation running the business.

Chocolats Camille Bloch strives for constant innovation, whilst always keeping in mind its roots and traditions. Using the best quality ingredients, the know-how of three generations, as well as keeping a good balance of innovation and tradition, makes Chocolats Camille Bloch a unique and authentic Swiss chocolate brand – 100% produced in Switzerland, with primary products from reliable sources.


Our current four year programme in Ghana aims to improve farmer incomes from cocoa farming and the overall living conditions of the cocoa farming community.

A range of projects and activities have been designed to encourage sustainable improvement in productivity, including annual farmer training as well as access to fertilizers and crop protection products through a credit scheme. Nurseries have also been established to produce and distribute high yielding cocoa seedlings.To improve incomes further and ensure food security for farming communities, additional nurseries are also used to grow food crops, specifically plantain.

What we’ve achieved so far:

  • 181 farmers received credit to buy agro-chemicals or fertilisers – 100% repayment rate
  • 4 communities growing over 6,500 new plantain plants
  • 1 Village Resource Centre installed giving access to information technology for the local community, especially school-aged children
  • 687 farmers registered in the Nkawie District and benefitting from Camille Bloch’s investment

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