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Source Trust is delighted to work in partnership with some of the world’s leading chocolate makers and cocoa processors, enabling them to realise their visions of sustainability and responsibility in the cocoa supply chain. Select a supporter to find out more.


Ferrero and Source Trust have been partners since 2012, working together to improve the sustainability of the cocoa supply chain by investing in the farmers and the communities from where they source cocoa.

The Ferrero Group believes that creating a growing, sustainable supply chain of cocoa will improve the conditions that will ultimately empower farmers, improve their yields and living conditions, and combat the problems of child labor.

Ferrero’s goal is to source 100% sustainable cocoa by 2020 using independent and credible third-party certification.  This verification will aim to ensure that trafficking and child and forced adult labor will be eradicated from the plantations from which Ferrero sources its cocoa.

Considering the complexity of sourcing cocoa from rural West Africa, Ferrero recognizes that a single actor alone cannot transform historically-routed practices, and that a series of actions and partnerships are required to affect change.  Towards this end, Ferrero collaborates with non-profits and farmer organizations to address the three pillars of effective sustainability:  Social, Environmental and Economic.


In Ghana, our programme with Ferrero – the Ferrero Cocoa Community Commitment (F3C) – aims to increase the wellbeing of targeted farming families by working towards the reduction of child labor and increasing household incomes.  Designed in consultation with the Government of Ghana, F3C goes beyond ensuring farmer compliance with certification requirements by incorporating three best practice pillars of effective sustainability:

Social : working towards the elimination of child labor and expanding the child labor monitoring system;

Environmental : helping to improve the agricultural output of cocoa farming with attention to environmental preservation;

Economic : helping to improve the livelihoods and well-being of cocoa-producing communities.

What we’ve achieved so far:

  • More than 8,000 farmers have had the opportunity to upgrade their skills in good agronomic, environmental and social practices through a comprehensive set of training modules delivered by “lead farmers” in each community.
  • All farmers in the programme have passed annual UTZ certification audits.
  • 60,000 seedlings have been distributed to farmers to improve shade and biodiversity on their farms.
  • Farmers have been encouraged to adopt additional livelihoods in order to diversity their incomes and/or improve their food security by establishing food crop nurseries, e.g., plantain farming.
  • Seven Village Resource Centers (VRCs) have been installed in communities to make teaching and learning more effective—for students and for farmers.

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