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Source Trust is delighted to work in partnership with some of the world’s leading chocolate makers and cocoa processors, enabling them to realise their visions of sustainability and responsibility in the cocoa supply chain. Select a supporter to find out more.



Toms has been partnering with Source Trust since 2010, to directly invest in the communities from which they source cocoa, ensuring thriving communities supported by cocoa farming for future generations.

Toms is one of the few chocolate companies that controls the entire process of making chocolate from been to bar. Toms work passionately to create original high quality products and will continuously make social and environmental improvements throughout our value chain.


Source Trust’s current programme with Toms aims to create a sustainable and responsible cocoa supply chain by improving the livelihoods of cocoa farmers in Ghana, through improved farmer incomes and a strong focus on child protection and education.

We are achieving this by introducing new methods for improving crop yields, encouraging local youths into the cocoa farming sector and extensive farmer training. Training is supplemented with community-wide awareness raising on labour rights, gender issues, and child labour. The program is also complimented with capacity building of local schools and teachers to deliver quality training and child labour prevention. Source Trust have partnered with IBIS Ghana to deliver this.

What we’ve achieved so far:

  • 7 societies have elected women as part of their new executive farmer committees, strengthening the role and representation of women in the sector and community
  • All farmers in targeted communities are hiring adult labourers or sharing their time within farm committees
  • Primary school dropout rates have significantly decreased from an average of 24.3% to 1.82%
  • School attendance has risen from 16 to 21 out of 24 school days
  • 100% of youths who received training have entered into cocoa farming, continuing the sustainability of the sector
  • 5 boreholes installed improving access to clean water for farming communities
  • 3 Village Resource Centres installed in communities helping to make teaching and learning more effective

This program is supported financially by DANIDA and the Danish retailer COOP. Specialist implementation is carried out by IBIS Ghana.

Click here to find out more about Toms’ commitment to sustainability.

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