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As a frontrunner in the area of sustainable economic development, Solidaridad seeks to create prosperity for everyone that respects both the people and the planet. With almost 50 years of experience, experts in the field and pragmatic collaboration with influential partners in and around the supply chain, Solidaridad develops smart solutions that bring lasting positive impact.

Source Trust has partnered with Solidaridad to deliver a pilot project that aims to create more opportunities for economic and social empowerment of youth in cocoa growing communities while contributing to a national agenda to develop young professional cocoa farmers.

The pilot project developed, tested and validated a curriculum that incorporates good agricultural practices with leadership, social, financial and entrepreneurial skills for youth in the cocoa growing communities from June to December 2015.The project targeted 300 Ghanaians between the ages of 17 and 25.

The new curriculum combines both technical and life skills. This combination allows for increased adoption of new knowledge and eventually, long-term behavioural change. These young cocoa farmers will serve as evidence for proof of the concept that when youth have access to technical production skills plus enterprise development and social skills, they are more likely to perform better as professional farmers.


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