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Since 2009, our Partner’s investments have made a real and lasting difference across 3 continents. Click on a country to take a closer look at the impact of our programmes.

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Sustainable Management Services

Sustainable Management Services (SMS) was established by ECOM Agroindustrial in 2004 with the fundamental mission of providing competitive whole farm solutions to farmers that improve productivity, quality and sustainability of farming to create the best integrated supply chains.

SMS works with the farmers at the grass roots level, helping them to understand their costs of production, by constantly looking at ways to increase their production per tree, per hectare, per unit of fertiliser and other inputs. SMS also works with various international partners and donors on initiatives that support their work.

Source Trust have chosen to work with SMS as our preferred implementation partner in Ghana and Nigeria. We work closely with SMS to assess, design, and implement various programme components. SMS are our boots on the ground!

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